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Warrick County, Indiana


Warrick County Cares
Warrick County Cares's vision is to be a community of healthy, productive families, free of drug and alcohol-abuse that engage in community and educational activities and present themselves as positive role models, knowing they are people of value and worth.

3rd Annual I CARE Award Ceremony

Thursday, May 12th

Nominate a Deserving Warrick County Leader!

Do you have a relative, a friend or a co-worker, or student who is having an impact in your local community in Warrick County? Is there an organization that stands out among the rest and is making a difference in the community? In every neighborhood, there are "Unsung Heroes" - volunteers and paid professionals who go well beyond their expected duties.

Please submit the nomination form by April 8th to Margery Gianopoulos at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ICareAwards.

Contact Marge for more information about attending the I CARE Awards - mgianopoulos@youthfirstinc.org


The purpose of the registry is to provide parents the ability to communicate with each other when their teens are at other teen's homes and/or planning to attend parties. An important piece of the Parents in Partnership registry is the Parent Pledge. Parents pledge not to host underage drinking parties and to support other parents who also make the pledge. Click on the link BELOW to register and more information.

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